The Highest-Grossing Tours in Tibet Of 2017

The Highest-grossing tours in Tibet of 2017

Over the years, Tibet has been attracted thousands of over-sea’s travellers to it’s amazing places. There are also quite a large number of returning clients to explore the best selling/highest-grossing tour packages again and again.  Whether you are a returning client or a traveler who first time to plan a trip to Tibet, we would suggest you best top tours based on our many years of experience on Tibet tour. However, before you choose the top trip, there is few things to know about travelling to Tibet. Tibet travel permit is a must understanding before you concern anything else for Tibet! Read details about it here

Well, let me suggest you the top tour packages if you are thinking of a hassle free Tibet trip:


Kailash Saga Dawa Festival celebrates the birthday of Buddha, the most important event in the Buddhist world. The festival takes place every year on April 15, according to the Tibetan lunar calendar, but the entire month of April is dedicated to a series of fascinating and crucial events for Buddhists.

The festival takes place at the base of Mt. Kailash, and includes various cultural and traditional manifestations held in the proximity of Dharpoche. When the festival ends (after about 3 hours), participants will attend a kora (trek) and set a big prayer pole around which they will be saying prayers. See the detailed tour:

2. Trek from Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery (9days)

Ganden to Samye Trek is one of the best-selling tour packages in the central Tibet. This Tibet trekking tour benefits a life-time experience, of course! You arrive at the heart of Tibetan Culture, the holy city with Lhasa. We will take a normal tour in the city before doing Ganden to Samye trek. Until then you will also get enough time to acclimatize yourself to prepare for the trekking adventure. See the detiled tour:

3. Horse-back Riding Tour (9days)

Discover Tibet the way ancient travelers did! The horse riding tour package includes not only a horse riding experience in the vicinity of Yamdrok Lake, but also a one-day hiking trip from Pabongka to Sera Monastery. Not many travelers can say that they got to discover central Tibet experiencing a sensational horse riding tour and a visit of the fascinating Sera Monastery. See the detailed tour:

4: Tour in Holy City Lhasa (5days)

The trip to Lhasa normally takes you to the heart of Tibet which will be the second home of anyone. You will arrive at the heart of Tibetan Culture, the holy city Lhasa features Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Temple, Potapa Palace etc. which were dating back to 7th century. Sera, Drapung and Ganden Monasteries are the larger Buddhist schools to explore Lhasa so far.

Tibetan culture is deeply influenced with Tibetan Buddhism which has prevailed since three thousand years. The power of Buddhism in the background has certain views in the entirety which makes the place interesting and unique, thus of house structure and faith of the people, are just the sense of another world. By creating a lovely vicinity on roof of the world, you are always welcomed by our hearts and mind. See the detiled tour:

5. Namtso Lake and Everest Base Camp Tour (10days)

Mt. Everest is ranked the highest mountain in the world and it attracts thousands of visitors each year. Namtso lake, the blue turquoise shape is the second largest salted one after Qinghai’s Kokonor and Tibetans consider it to be one of four sacred deity lakes. See the detailed tour:

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