Reservation Policy

  • To begin your reservation process, first contact a trip advisor to discuss and plan your trip. Up-to-date Information will be provided during your consultation. For example, some areas may have specific travel requirements that are subject to change seasonally or yearly, especially Mt. Kailash trips. Please try to give us as much detail as possible when selecting your desired locations. We suggest you confirm your tour at least 2 weeks before prior to arrival to allow time for the securing of all relevant permits and documentation.
  • After finalizing your itinerary with Adventures In Tibet, you will be requested to provide us with the following documentation in order to confirm your trip:
    • Scanned Photocopy of your Valid Passport
      (Name and Date of Birth should be clear)
    • Scanned Photocopy of your Valid Chinese Visa
      (Name and Date of Birth should be clear)
    • Emergency Contact Number in your home country.
      (In the rare event of an emergency, this phone number will allow us to contact your relatives or friends. We will not share your personal information with any third parties.)
    • 30% Deposit

In order to secure your booking and confirm your trip, you will be required to pay 30% of the total trip cost at the time of confirmation, as well as all flight and train fares. The remaining 70% is to be paid upon arrival on the first day of your tour. We are able to accept international bank transfers from most foreign banks and or Western Union Payments. If you so desire, can also pay us your total trip fee in a single installment.


Cancellation Policy

  • If personal, scheduling, or other such conflicts arise, in order to cancel your trip, please notify us as soon as possible. In the event of cancellation, you are subject to the following policies:
    • Your deposit is NON-refundable.
    • When cancelling 25 days prior to arrival, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 250 USD per person.
    • Prior to arrival day, cancellation fee charges: 80% reimbursement of trip fees / P.P
  • If you must end your trip early for any reason (health problems, altitude sickness, natural disasters included), neither your deposit nor any other portion of your given trip fees will be returned.
  • If your trip must be concluded ahead of schedule or be canceled due to political unrest or unforeseen governmental restrictions that cannot be compensated for by alternative arrangements, all trip fees (except for the deposit and fees for the days already traveled) will be returned.
  • In case political sensitivities or government regulations prevent travel to certain regions you had previously gained permission to visit (such regulations are not generally publicized prior to implementation) Adventures In Tibet will do our best to present an alternative itinerary and travel route to ensure your safety and satisfaction.


Altering an Itinerary Due to Health Concerns

  • After your Tibet travel permit has been awarded, before or even during your trip, you may request an alteration in trip destinations if you suffer from altitude sickness or other health problems. In this case, Adventures in Tibet will attempt to be flexible and amend the destinations listed in your Tibet Travel Permit (TTP). However, as your Tibet Travel Permit was awarded on the basis of your original itinerary, we cannot guarantee that we will be permitted to make substantial changes to your original itinerary after it has been accepted by the Tibet Tourism Bureau.

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