Planning a successful Tibet trip may, at first, seem an arduous task. The paperwork appears to have been invented simply to confuse. Each place on your list to visit has at least two different names and five different spellings. You are traveling with stubborn friends. You wish you had all the information began the process.

To aid you with cultural shock and to help you avoid some of the more serious social faux paus you fall into, we have compiled a short introduction based on our experience with the most common culturally different norms and concepts. These points are not meant to be memorized or to make you feel nervous.

Things You Should Know Before You Travel To Tibet If you are looking for a few “what to know” pre-departure pointers, we’ve compiled a short guide you can use to pursue your own further research or inquiries. Many of the topics listed below are discussed in more detail in other areas of our website, but to

Over the years, Tibet has been attracted thousands of over-sea’s travellers to it’s amazing places. There are also quite a large number of returning clients to explore the best selling/highest-grossing tour packages again and again.  Whether you are a returning client or a traveler who first time to plan a trip to Tibet, we would

If you are interested in taking a Tibet tour, chances are you might be interested in a tour that will take you beyond cities and freeways and into the great outdoors. Whether you have braved the elements zero times or one hundred times, there are a few things to keep in mind when packing for

The world is vast and diverse, and when traveling far from home, we all long to experience the heart of places truly different from our own. When we interact with a place instead of just passing through it, part of us changes. We absorb little bits of what we see and conversations we have. Indeed

Choosing a travel agency can be difficult. Set yourself up with the right conditions to have a memorable travel experience. Remember that the people you choose to guide you will determine not only the places you go, but the people you interact with and the lens through which you will view the world around you.