Tibet Festival Dates

Shoton Festival

Festivals in Tibet have a profound connection to the life and culture of Tibetans. They are more than celebrations of past events or history files! Festivals in Tibet define the spirituality and hearts of locals who are cherishing and treasuring their traditions.

The Tibetan festivals are set considering the lunar calendar, so travelers need to check the dates before planning their trip if they wish to attend any of these celebrations.


Tibet Train Schedule

Tibet train scheduleThe train to Lhasa crosses the high Tibetan Plateau at an altitude of over 4000m. During the journey you can see herds of wild gazelles, antelopes, and wild ass running over the vast plains. Tibet, the roof of the world, is the only place on earth to experience some of these unique animals! Conveniently, the train from Lhasa is now connected to important mainland Chinese cities. We can provide reliable services for booking train tickets to either Tibet or other parts of China in advance.


Tibetan Home-stays: Feel at home

tibet homestay

Meet local Tibetan families and discover the authentic traditions and culture of the Tibetans. Even though you might not know the language, a smile is all you need to feel welcome in Tibetan homes.

We organize tours that will introduce you to the lifestyle of Tibetans, their daily routine and traditions. Tibetans are warm and welcoming people, willing to do all they can to make every guest feel like a member of their family.


Tibetan Medicine

Tibet MedicineTibetan medicine is a holistic approach to health. Formalized in the seventh century, Tibetan medicine synthesizes indigenous medical traditions as well as traditions from ancient India, China, Persia, Unani and Greece.  It has a rich and dynamic history demonstrated by its highly developed remedies and treatments.


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Video Archive

Adventures In Tibet has collected some clips of attractions in Tibet such as dances, festivals, landscapes, as well as videos that can provide viewers with an introduction to Tibetan custom and culture. Videos are available on our profile at If you are a fan of Tibetan culture, or are just feeling curious, have a look!


Audio Archive

In our Audio Archive on Soundcloud you will find a collection of music modeled on the use of music as medicine. We have focused on gathering music from different Tibetan traditions that is meant to help one relax and destress. Check out our audios of Ani Choeyang Dolma’s great voice, chanting, mantras, and more!