Tibetan Festival Dates

Tibetan Festival DatesFestivals in Tibet have a profound connection to the life and culture of Tibetans. They are more than celebrations of past events or history files! Festivals in Tibet define the spirituality and hearts of locals who are cherishing and treasuring their traditions.

The Tibetan festivals are set considering the lunar calendar, so travelers need to check the dates before planning their trip if they wish to attend any of these celebrations. The Tibetan culture is unique and rich in stories to tell to those interested in exploring new cultures.

The list below presents the most important festivals that take place in Tibet, but there are many other festivals celebrated by Tibetans, each of them having its own special meaning. We decided to underline the celebrations and events we believe to be the most important.

Journeys to Tibet usually include tour packages in the autonomous regions of Amdo and Kham, so we focused on the festivals that take place here.

If you want to know more about local events and festivals, as well as the dates and locations to attend them, you just need to contact us and we’ll put together the best festival tour package for you.

Tibetan Festival Dates Table

Festival Names Places Tibetan Calendar 2016 2017
Tibetan New Year All Tibetan Places Jan 1 – Jan 15  Feb 9 – Feb 22  Feb 27 – Feb 12
The Monlam Prayer Festival Lhasa  Dec 25  Feb 3  Feb 21
Thangka Unveiling Shigatse  Jul 18
Zamling Jisang Lhasa  Jul 19
Saga Dawa Festival Mt. Kailash April 15 May 21  Jun 9
Shaman’s Festival Rebgong Jun 1 – Jun 15
Gyangtse Horse Racing Festival Gyangtse  Jul 20
Shoton Festival Lhasa Jul 1 – Jul 8  Sept 2 – Sept 9
Choekhor Duechen (Festival) Lhasa  Aug 6
Samye Duechen (Festival) Samye Monatstery  Jul 19
Nagchu Horse Racing Festival Nagchu  Aug 1
Lhabab Duechen (Festival) Lhasa  Sept 22  Nov 20  Nov 10
Palden Lhamo Duechen (Festival) Lhasa  Dec 13
Ganden Ngachoe Festival Lhasa Oct 25 Dec 23  Dec 12

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