Permit And Visa For Tibet Tour


When entering the TAR, you must do so through a licensed tour operator. Backpacking alone, or engaging in any other form of unguided travel (by a government licensed travel operator) within the TAR is strictly forbidden and not permitted under the laws and regulations of the PRC.

Train and air travel are not permitted prior to obtaining necessary permits.

The following documentation are necessary s for travel within the TAR:

1) Chinese Visa or Tibet Group Visa

Needed for: entering the PRC.

Apply for: through the Chinese Consulate in your home country if entering the TAR through the PRC, or through the Chinese Consulate in Kathmandu, Nepal if entering the TAR through Nepal.


2) Tibet Travel Permit (TTP)

Needed for: entering the TAR from ports of entry within the PRC (not Nepal).

Apply for: through a licensed tour agency.


3) Alien’s Travel Permit (ATP) or Public Security Bureau Permit (PSB Permit)**

Apply for: through the local PSB upon arrival.


4) Military Permit**

Apply for in advance and in conjunction with the TTP.

**Only required for travel through restricted areas.


Kham and Amdo

Tibet Travel Permit is not needed for Tibetan cultural areas outside of the TAR, (most of Kham and Amdo). These areas can be visited with most regular, valid, Chinese Visa.

Certain areas in Kham and Amdo are subject to closures and for select areas, visiting or overnight stays may require an ATP or a Military Permit. Please check our ‘Tours to Amdo And Kham’ and contact us directly to find out if the area you are interested in has special requirements.