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Tashi Delek !

Adventures In Tibet is a travel agency dedicated to offering fun, safe and affordable tours and trekking adventures in Tibet.

What makes us different from any other travel agency that specializes in Tibet tours? 

Our travel agency is run exclusively by local Tibetans, who know this country better than anyone else! That’s a guarantee that no path in Tibet is a secret to us!

Our offer includes various tours:

  • Buddhist-religious tours
  • Camping with nomads & home-stays
  • Private & group tours
  • Cultural tours
  • Festival tours
  • Tours for hikers, bikers and photpgraphers
  • Customized tours according to your physical abilities and needs (including tours suitable for people with disabilities)

We are a team of experienced, passionate and committed Tibetans trained to provide fascinating and safe tours and trips in Tibet.

Book your tour with us and see Tibet through the eyes of locals! This is the only way you can experience its authentic charm and discover its stories!

Local Community Projects

Local Community Projects

At ADVENTURES IN TIBET, we aspire to engage in conscientious tourism that will positively affect Tibetan communities. It is our dream to offer services based on mutual exchange; bridging distance of experience, space, and culture, to create a network of people invested in people. We focus our work within our own communities, employ only local Tibetans, and strive to support community projects that help to provide access to new ideas and opportunities for visitors and locals alike. Whether through supporting local communities to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues, assisting students in institutions of higher learning, or overcoming language divides; our company’s foundation rests upon the deep-seated desire to empower our people, our villages, and our heritage.

See our Local Community Projects.

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A cherish-able trip with Bob and Judy Moon in 2009 – A photo snap with Manasarovar & Mt. Nemo Na-Nyi in the background.