Chinese Visa, How to Apply A Tourist Visa to China?


Chinese visaAs the Tibetan places in which Adventures In Tibet works are all authoritatively part of the People’s Republic of China, paying little respect to which area you are occupied with traveling to, you will initially need to get a Chinese Visa.


Visa Type

On the off chance that you don’t live, work, as well as live in the People’s Republic of China and are applying for a Chinese Visa for tourism purposes, you should apply for a Tourist Visa (L Visa).


Where to Apply

You can apply for a Chinese Visa at most Chinese Embassies or Consulates. It is not mandatory to apply through the embassy or consulate of the nation of which you are a passport holder.


The most effective method to Apply

  1. Obtain a passport from your nation of origin. On the off chance that you as of now have a passport, to guarantee a simplicity of visa application, ensure that it will be substantial for no less than 6 months from your time of application.
  2. Locate the closest Chinese Embassy or Consulate and request a rundown of obliged documentation to apply for your Chinese Visa.
  3. Turn in every obliged documents to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.


Handling Time

Visa cost and handling of the situation vary depending on country, yet a minimum time for process a Chinese Visa is around one month (at least). While numerous Chinese Consulates or Embassies over the world do offer surge preparing, despite everything we suggest you allow a month for your Chinese Visa to arrive, particularly if your travel schedule incorporates go to the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).


Tourist (L) Visa Specifications

  • Single Entry or Multiple Entry
  • Non-extendable or extendable
  • 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day stays


Imperative Note

At the point when applying for a visa from the People’s Republic of China, we exceptionally prescribe that you maintain a strategic distance from notice of heading out to Tibet or any Tibetan spots amid your visa application process (aside from when applying for a Tibet Group Visa through the Chinese Consulate in Kathmandu). Such specify regularly prompts the dismissal of a visa application.

Since you are just permitted to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit upon landing to China (again except for the Tibet Group Visa connected for through Kathmandu, Nepal), it is best that you specify your planned port of passage or other significant urban areas (i.e. Beijing, Xining, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an) as your travel destinations.


Limitations and Exceptions

The one special case and just case in which you would not require a Chinese Visa is whether you are entering the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) straightforwardly from Nepal and your trip plan do exclude go to areas of China outside of the TAR. Nepal is the main nation which holds such a concurrence with China. In such cases, you should rather get a Tibet Group Visa from the Chinese Consulate in Kathmandu. For more information, please see “Tibet Group Visa” area.