Tibet Group Visa

Tibet group visaTibet group visa: in the event that you are entering the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) straightforwardly from Nepal and your travel plans do exclude go to ranges of China outside of the TAR (this incorporates Tibetan regions of Amdo and Kham), you needn’t bother with a Chinese Visa. In spite of the fact that this extraordinary visa is alluded to as a “Group Visa” people are likewise allowed to apply.


Where to Apply

Nepal is the main nation which can concede Tibet Group Visa. This visa must be connected for specifically through the Chinese Consulate in Kathmandu. Nepal to Tibet tour must be assisted by an authorised Tour Operator in Lhasa who has an on the ground contact in Kathmandu.


The most effective method to Apply

Individuals and groups are not permitted to apply for Tibet Travel permit (TTP) by themselves. Contact Adventures In Tibet or another Tibet tour company to apply for a TTP.


Handling Time

Handling a Tibet Group Visa for the most part requires at least 3 days.


Permit Specifications

  • Single Entry
  • Non-extendable
  • Duration of visa legitimacy relies on the tour itinerary with tour confirmation
  • Places that can be visited in Tibet are the lists in the itinerary


Imperative Notes

  • Please note that the Tibet Group Visa does not bear the cost of it’s holder to travel anyplace in China aside from the TAR. Overland travel is additionally not allowed. On the off chance that you are granted a Tibet Group Visa, you should go via air roundtrip straightforwardly to and from Kathmandu.
  • The length of your TTP will rely on upon the number of days you exhibited in your proposed itinerary at the time of enquiry. As going amiss from this program regarding spots to visit or length of stay is not allowed, please give more information as could reasonably be expected at the time of tour inquiry.


Limitations and Exceptions

  • At present, the Nepal, TAR outskirt is shut. The terminations and opening of this border influence the issuance of Tibet Group Visas and are liable to change without notification.
  • Tour companies are not authorised to help with issuing you a Tibet permit on the off chance that you are employed as a diplomat, journalist, photographer, or government personnel in your country of origin. Persons to whom this confinement applies are just allowed to go to Tibet with the endorsement and help of The Foreign Affairs Department.
  • Norwegian Passport holders are banished from entering the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) whether from Nepal or Mainland China and won’t be granted entry permit.
  • Taiwanese setting out to the TAR from mainland China are liable to extra limitations when applying for a TTP and are required to go in a gathering of (least) 4 persons and are required to apply at least 50 days ahead of time of the planned date of travel.