Tibet Homestay Tours

Meet local Tibetan families and discover the authentic traditions and culture of the Tibetans. Even though you might not know the language, a smile is all you need to feel welcome in Tibetan homes.

We organize tours that will introduce you to the lifestyle of Tibetans, their daily routine and traditions. Tibetans are warm and welcoming people, willing to do all they can to make every guest feel like a member of their family. Get to know the real and authentic Tibet through its people!

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Tibet Nomad homestay Adventure
Top choice!

Homestay Adventure with Tibetan Nomads

This five-day tour is a true adventure in eastern Tibet Amdo. Come experience
5.00 / 1 review
per person
5 days

Tibetan New Year & Amdo Monlam Festival Tour

The celebration will be hilarious with exuberant Cham (a ritual dance and a
per person
11 days
Nyenpo Yurtse Trek

Nyenpo Yurtse Trek

Nyenpo Yurtse trek is one of the best trekking packages all over the
per person
12 days
Golog, Amdo
Tibet Shaman's Festival

Tibet Shaman’s Festival Tour 2017

Tibetan Shaman festival is a folk religious activity since 1400 years ago. Genuinely,
per person
4 days
Rebgong, Amdo