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Norbu Tsering (General Manager)

Norbu Tsering was born in Tibet and studied abroad until age of 25. More than 10 years, he had started working as a tour guide and traveled all places on the Tibetan plateau. Later in the past years, he had joined in different eco-travel workshops and travel agencies to enrich Tibet travel experience. Out of his extensive knowledge base in Buddhism, Norbu naturally loves and interested in traditional culture and places in Tibet. Now, Norbu Tsering is running the Adventures In Tibet, a travel agency uniquely set for adventuring journey on the Tibetan plateau. Read TripAdvisor Review for Norbu.


Konchok Dolma ( BeataWarmbier ) – A demanding trip advisor and a travel consultant at Adventures In Tibet to Poland & European countries. 

Konchok Dolma Tour Oertor at Adventures In Tibet to Poland and European Countries
Konchok Dolma ( BeataWarmbier ), a Polish girl whose last incarnation certainly was being born in Tibet.  Trained as a clinical psychologist, HR manager, a coach and a tour guide. She has spent past 16 years traveling extensively in Asia. Both independently and as a private guide. (China, Burma, Nepal, India). Her interests concentrate on Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism. A little crazy about  the Himalayas and their inhabitants. With the region of Amdo, specifically Golok, she has been bound for years due to extended family ties. Her heart and love is in Tibet. Always one foot in Tibet, the other in Europe. In Adventures in Tibet she is helping to reaching out to new clients and taking care of contacts with customers . Introduced to the company the best labor standards based on the highest quality of service. She is the one who is easy to get in touch with  and the one who will quickly answer any of your queries. Her experience allows to bridge the gap between the Asian mentality and European needs. 0048518360412, warmbierbeata@gmail.com

Tenzin Kunkyi (Sales Manager)

Tenzin KunkyiTenzin Kunkyi got her opportunity to study from abroad and she has a great mutual understanding at operating Tibet tours. She worked with many travel agencies in the pass decades and got excellent recommendations from her previous bosses. The most very impressive part of her is having a thorough and hardworking on a small thing she does. She has a potential ability out of her personality to make things done very easy.

Palden (Adventure Tour Guide)

Palden at Adventures In tibetPalden is a talented adventure group leader to Tibet Autonomous Region. He has many years experience for expedition, trekking, overland tours. He is an educated gentleman who used to take parts in different workshops relating Tibet eco-tourism and more. His gesture among the guests review said that he is an excellent tour guide and is actually the few best tour guides we have. Palden has a great passion at showing Tibet through his indigenous knowledge and personality. Read TripAdvisor Review for Palden.

Tashi Dhondup (Knowledgeable Tour Guide)

Micheal Dhon at Adventures In TibetTashi Dhondup was born in a humble family living in the countryside of Lhasa’s northern city. He had studied abroad for more than ten years and graduated from secondary school until his pursue of college, and returned this lovely city Lhasa in 1996. Because of a poor family background, he had a strong determination and started to work as a tour guide and took tons of travellers with his sensational mind. The clients who ever met Dhondup later reviewed him as one of the best knowledgeable guide and personality that impressed a lot of people. His personality and humour makes all our clients feeling valuable when travelling with a local Tibetan who would love, smile, cry for his own life-style. Enjoy your time with our best Dhondup 0r Michael Dhon for your Tibet trip. Read TripAdvisor Review for Tashi Dhondup.

Dorjee Drakpa (Adventure Tour Guide)

DrakpaDorjee Drakpa has a very patient personality with much knowledge about Tibetan culture and Buddhism. His personality towards a good human value is measured with most of our clients for his sincere and knowledge about everything. Drakpa has a pure mind at helping clients’ through the valuable trips without feeling of waste and unsaved. He also traveled many places in Tibet thats valued more than any other tour guide all over Tibet.

Lobsang (Adventure Driver + Tour Guide in Amdo and Kham)

LobsangLobsang has been taking groups and driving for more than 8 years. He has a simple personality and efficient grasp of English that helps most of our clients understanding Tibetan culture and many more. Since a Tibetan born guy, his extensive knowledge about Tibetan Buddhism and the sense of caring are implicit of great. His is an expert driver with skill of tour guiding in one personality. Read TripAdvisor Review for Lobsang.

Tsering (Adventure Tour Guide)

TseringTsering was born in a nomad home, located north-eastern Tibet. He studied abroad and had started to work on Tibet tourism since 2003. His extensive knowledge and experience attracted many of his clients during the trips and had received great reviews throughout the years. We believe that the travellers with Adventures In Tibet will get his/her ultimate joyful through Tsering’s guide. He will who you Tibet culturally and locally really meaningful.


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